Glenn Scarboro


Imagination is the spark of intent.

Will is the organized union of imagination and boredom.

Difference is the magnification of interest.

Structure is revealed through light in an amorphous moment of speculation.

Recognition is the elongation of the moment in the fractured second of reality.

Vision is the unstructured possibility that we might see.

Images speak to the basic sensibility of our trust and mistrust.

Light is the poetic reminder of faith.

Richness of perception is an awareness of the eternal at any moment or place.

A photograph is not worth making if you have to leave home to make it.

When we have all of something we have nothing.

We languish in our laziness and call it sadness.

There is so much to everything.

Eternity is the endless logic of the present.

Luck is a random event gone your way.

Be kind to yourself in the moment.

The mystery in the castle is the moment of desire.

I shall never be free until I can feel the sky.