I did not know this work, Drawing with Light, was possible. The idea of drawin with a flashlight had never occurred to me until one day while printing in the darkroom th concept emerged as a feeling/thought. It became an obsession, which would not leave. There was captivity in this idea leading me to uncertain points of imagination and interest. I approached a flashlight, my new source of light, wit reluctance deciding to proceed. By making the initial exposures with a flashlight I could immediately see the beauty, which at once was strange and new but ye mystifying in its possibilities. Difference is, after all, the magnification of interest. Standing in the presence of this difference I was reminded of one of the most compelling statements ever made about light. God said,” Let there be light He did this in recognition that the earth was, “Without form and void”. His asolution to void was to create light so that structure could be displayed. Light makes it possible for us to see nature in all aspects of its beauty and terror. The poet Rainer Maria Rilke said, “For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror... Frederick Sommer once said to me upon reviewing several photographs, “you have an interest in the ethereal”. The drawings with light are beautiful in the use of light and in their acceptance and display of the ethereal and the real. This is an acknowledgement that nature will teach us to stand in the presence of light accepting the elegance of display.

©Glenn Scarboro